TISA Position Paper: Delivery Channels for TTI

TISA has released a Position Paper intending to provide some background information about the delivery of TTI services and the issues that Radio Regulation needs to consider for the ubiquitous availability of TTI data services. It is issued jointly with ERTICO-ITS Europe;

This Position Paper is available on the website

TISA Position Paper: TISA and Standard Organizations

This Position Paper is highlighting the TISA position in respect of the technical specifications and standards which support the service objectives of the Directive European Union ITS Directive 2010/40/EU, in force since 2010-August-26.

This Position Papers and the previous position papers are available on the website

TISA article in the Intelligent Highway magazine – 1st december 2010 issue

TISA delivers vital specifications to ISO

Information Services Association (TISA; www.tisa.Org), having taken over responsibility for both TMC (Traffic Message Channel) and TPEGTM (Transport Protocol Experts Group) specifications development and maintenance, with an ISO Liaison agreement, has had major tasks in both technologies to complete this year.

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