TISA is presented at the 14th OADF event

September 30, 2020

TISA once again contributed the OADF discussion platform in its 14th edition. During this mixed online and onsite event, which gathered 140 experts, Teun Hendriks, Co-Chair of TISA’s Technical & Standardisation Committee, introduces TISA’s I4 activities, while Martin Pfeifle, CTO at NNG, presented “The Intelligent Co-Driver” which provides visual and voice guidance created from different sources including TPEG.

Mr. Henriks provided an overview of TISA’s latest activities in the domain of Autonomous Driving (AD) and stressed the need for external information related to I4AD, including design principles for an AD-oriented protocol and a three-phase model for providing information to AD vehicles. As reported by Mr. Henriks, TISA is currently considering three initial use cases in this context: precise work zones, the coordination between AD and manually driven vehicles, and emergency vehicles approaching.

Last but not least, OADF participants had the chance to learn more about TISA’s TPEG3 technical aspects and concepts thanks to the Association’s two white papers, available at this link and focusing on the description of TPEG3 and related technical and business requirements.

More information about the topics discussed at the 14th AODF can be found at this link.